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Far too many companies spend massive resources on having a creative agency deliver the creative material for their marketing. When a new campaign is to be launched, it typically involves display ads, social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), email design, as well as design, layout, and development of new landing pages for the company's website.

Furthermore, a call to an agency is often made when updating the visual identity (corporate identity or visual brand), and thus all communication affected by it, such as PowerPoint presentations, Word templates, email signatures, etc. In tasks of this nature, it is not uncommon for agencies to deploy far more resources than necessary, partly because they need to familiarize themselves with your company's operations, mission, and culture every time to hit the mark properly.

That means there are far too many who don't know that you can avoid this with someone like me, permanently on your team, and you decide how much per month. I have many years of experience in helping companies in this way.

Contact me and let's have a no-obligation conversation about it, and see here on the site how I've helped others.

  • Metalkæde

    Strengthen Your In-House Team

    In a partnership with me, you gain a new team member who can offer a wide range of services. Some of this takes place on-site, closer to your business. This strengthens your team, as the communication between us becomes more seamless and specific, making my work for your company very efficient.

  • Person der tager penge op af pung

    Professional Web and Design Solutions Affordable for Most

    With me as a dedicated resource, you avoid a large upfront investment and ensure optimal value for your money, as we can continuously prioritize what is most important for the company together.

  • Hånd der skruer på knapper

    Maintain Your Joint Oversight Instead of Entrusting Everything to Third Parties

    Since my consistent presence keeps you constantly updated on what I'm working on, you naturally have the opportunity to participate in both small and large decision-making processes throughout projects. This way you always know where your money is going.

What Does a Full-Time Digital Design Expert Cost?

Full Disclosure - One Fixed Price

You don't need to look far to figure out what a collaboration with me costs, as it's precisely one of the many benefits of having a steady partnership: No unexpected bills.

30 hours per month, where up to 10 hours can be on-site

For example, as a consultant agreement with a trial period and three months' notice. Of course, I'm open to other suggestions, but I'll leave that up to you.
You can read more below in the Frequently Asked Questions

Digital designer som deltidsansat

Ofte stillede spørgsmål

What Is the Cost of a New Website in 2023 when Outsourced to an Agency or Freelancers?

Whether your company operates offline or online, it's crucial in this digital world to have and maintain a website. So, how much should it cost to create a customized website? On average, it costs between $12,000 and $150,000 for a site, including development and design. Routine site maintenance costs between 200 and 30,000 kr per month - or between $400 and $60,000 per year. (Source: Link - Freely translated and converted/rounded.)

What Is the Cost of a Fixed Contract with Me?

A typical consultant hour costs $145, but in a collaborative partnership, you get significantly cheaper hours, and at the same time, the time is spent much more efficient as I quickly gain deeper insights into your business, allowing me to contribute effectively with content and structure tailored to your business.

My standard offer is 30 hours per month, where up to 10 hours can be in-house with you, alongside the rest of your team, for $2230

Here, we create an employment contract (it can be with the Danish Salaried Employees Act or a consulting agreement) with a trial period and agreed-upon termination conditions. However, both the time (external and in-house) and the associated price can be customized to fit your company's needs.

Do I Do Everything Myself?

Yes, I do most of the work myself, but I also have an ongoing freelance collaboration with a handful of experts who can step in if additional resources are needed for a specific task. For example, the textual content is crucial, and I work with a brilliant copywriter for this. I also assist with this content myself, but occasionally, extra resources are required, and it's beneficial to have familiar and efficient help at hand. I also have a tight collaborator who oftens support me in focused and tailormade SEM - mainly Google Adwords and Facebook marketing.

How Does the Collaboration Work?

The strength of the envisioned collaboration primarily lies in working closely together. Ideally, it's like being colleagues, where I become part-time employed in your business. However, there can be other ways to structure this type of collaboration. For example, it could be a contract that runs for a specific period, such as six months, and then both parties can assess whether there is a basis for continued collaboration in some form.
In other words, I'll leave it up to you to decide how you prefer our agreement to be structured. However, I prioritize partners who want a steady attached resource over a period rather than one-off projects. In my opinion, this approach makes the work much more nuanced and, therefore, much more interesting.
So, my goal is to have a few companies from non-competing industries as long-term partners. But of course, if I have the time, I can also deliver individual projects. So don't hesitate to contact me.

Senior Web Designer in Copenhagen

I also Undertake Individual Web and UI Projects as Well as Other Digital Design Tasks

Do you need a new website? And does your company not currently require a full-time digital designer? I can still assist with individual projects. I plan, design, and build conversion-focused websites (either as static code or with Wordpress) and webshops (in Woocommerce, which is a strong addition to your Wordpress site). I can offer to build them tailored from scratch or using a standard theme. The price varies depending on the solution, but both options can make sense, depending on timing and budget.

You can learn more on the page about my website design, or you can visit my price calculator, where you can punch in your needs and get a fast price estimate.

I'm Ready for a Discussion About a Fixed Agreement

Contact Me, and Let's Have a Chat.

Let's together clarify if we have a basis for effective collaboration.
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