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Jeg kan tilbyde en hel række af kompetencer. Det er helt op til dig, hvor du vil fokusere min assistance. Selvfølgelig hjælper jeg også gerne med denne løbende beslutningsproces. I can offfer a broad skillset. It is entirely up to you and you business, what areas you want me to focus on. Of course I will also be happy to help with this decisions, if needed.

Digital Marketing

I create concepts and campaing material, that will make your brand shine through online
Digital Marketing Image
  • Result driven strategy
  • Paid advertising & organic reach
  • Goal driven messaging
  • Social Media account handling
Digital marketing is depended on catchy content, goal driven messaging and engaging campaigns. In close collaboration with relevant stakeholders, I will design and execute effective marketing campaigns, which will increase your company's visibility, and ensure that the right people finds your business. I can help with both concept, creative execution, paid advertising, SoMe account handling and SEO.


I deliver crispy sharp print solutions that will impress your customers
Image of Printed Products
  • Brochure design
  • Business cards
  • Report design
  • Graphics for exhibition booths
Strong print products give companys an organized, well established edge, and for certain brands print is the vital part of both marketing plan and growth. I can help you and your company with all disse products: Documentation, reports, business cards, everything needed for a crispy sharp looking exhibition booth and more.


I am an expert in building and delivering tailormade Wordpress solutions
Image of Wordpress Logo
  • Welcoming, flexible & reliable platform
  • Intuitive Content Management System (CMS)
  • Tailermade design and PHP development
  • WP Engine hosting for security & updates
Wordpress is the most user-friendly, flexible and most widely used CMS platform on the internet. It supplies more than 30% of all websites. I am a Wordpress expert, right from integrations and adjustments to tailormade themes and plugins. I put great honor in creating everything from scratch. I don't use third-party templates and other kinds of page builders, since they are very fragile in sustainability and have poor performance. These themes always consist of a pile of other third-party plugins (Individual components with functionality), and they are often updated. This means that the theme eventually will start to produce errors, since the individual elements no longer fit together.


I create Woocommerce-driven e-commerce websites which converts users to customers
E-Commerce Image
  • Sitemap & customer journey
  • Wireframing & UX design
  • Frontend & UI design
  • Woocommerce solutions
I can assist with delivering an effective and tailormade E-commerce solution, with Woocommerce. This platform is user-friendly, well testet, secure, and generally a professional solution for selling products online. The admin user interface is clean and focused, og and is constantly updated with new (possible) features and security improvements.


I create and develop strong brands through clever design
Branded Products
  • Strategy & Proposal
  • Your companys voice
  • Brand design
  • Brand touch points & guidelines
Branding is one of the most vital aspects of any business, big og small. When you need a new brand identity, or modify an existing one, it is ideal, that I am a close part of the company. The better the knowledge of the company one can have, the better the resulting brand identity will be. This includes both brand strategy, logo design, typography, color choices, company voice and image styles.

Web Development

I built top-tuned websites that utilizes the newest techologies
Web Development Image
  • Content & functionality
  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript development
  • Fully responsive web construction
  • Design collaboration
I put a great honor in building light-weight websites, that contains discrete animations, which compels the users to stay longer on the site, but without compromising with the functionality and intuition. I also ensure that your website will present well on 95% all platforms and devices, and since I am a direct part of your team and company, it is always possible for you to follow along in the development of the the site, and after it's initial completion, also in the ongoing addition of new features and improved performance.

Creative Webdesign

I create beautiful websites that keeps your users engaged
Webdesign Image
  • Workshops & brainstorming
  • Wireframing og UX design
  • UI design concepts & prototyping
  • Iconography & illustration
Typically I design a website through a series of workshops, together with the relevant stakeholders. This proces ends with a pile of raw sketches (wireframes), that lays the foundation for the finished design. These wireframes are then tested through user experience (UX) sessions, and the results from these tests are used to make adjustments to the wireframe, before these are used to create the final design. This part of the proces ensures, that we end up with a site the strengthens trust, and that the basis of the site is constructed on the brands most important messages. I highly value to work together with people who really appreciates good design. My design will make you shine through your competiton and give your users an engaging and satisfying experience.
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